Winx offers exclusive services to universities and colleges furnishing the students with different opportunities. Helping the institutes to increase the possibility of their students being put in the desired employment and narrowing down to the open doors that appreciate Freshers, is the thing that Winx dedicatedly works for.


Winx offers various training programs that help candidates increase the probability of being placed into the jobs they desire. From CRT, soft skills training and core training to personality development training, Winx aims to equip applicants with the skills they need to necessarily possess.

Campus Recruitment Training is a Program which is helpful for the students showing up for Recruitments in ITES, Software, Hardware, FMCG, BPO and Networking. The soft skills preparing arrangements help students with the right inputs. The training can bring the workforce up the expectation to absorb information in a quick way. This spares learning time as well as fabricates and refine an organization’s workforce, prompting operational incredibleness and a change in the utilization of English at work. The personality development training envelops mentoring of all the aspects that need to be developed in the personality of applicants. And the core training includes training in areas like Java, C language, etc.


To help students find right organizations that they can do their projects with, Winx extends its services with probability-increasing footsteps. The entire module of project is seen to it that it is taken care of to be a help for the students. The students can be free from the worry of not finding the organization that can help the do their project work with Winx in its place to fix the affiliation.